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About Us



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About Us

ExtraMile preschool provides the foundation to engage child’s lifelong love of learning.

In our warm loving atmosphere caring teachers support the healthy development of your child from eighteen months to six-years-old.
Our year-round program offers you the choice of either a half or full-day schedule.
Our  Multiple intelligence  Curriculum for Preschool forms the basis of the unique lesson plans that are brought to life in a fun and imaginative ways.  Special centres for dramatic play, creative art, science, quiet reading, blocks, and puzzles provide your child with the opportunity to explore independently and confidently.
It is the Mission of ExtraMile preschool to provide a fully integrated program which fosters the child's social and emotional growth as well as their physical and mental development. 
Our curriculum is designed to meet the requirements of the children and is developed to prepare the child for academics in the elementary school.
The preschool also provides a full daycare program and also an after-school care (half-day program), for the convenience of working parents.
The goal of the preschool is to guide each child in the growth of their total personality. Areas related to physical, emotional, cognitive, language and social development are all given equal attention in the curriculum, to fit the needs of each child. A child's self-expression, creativity and analytical thinking are worked out in play. Through observations, the teacher may help a child succeed in areas where they do not excel. The teachers strive to aid each child in developing a positive self-image. The teacher thus acts as researchers, partners, nurturers and guides. The parent takes the role of a partner and learner. We view each child as a collaborator and a communicator and believe in creating a community atmosphere through a partnership between the children, parents and teachers.


Contact Us

Address: HIG 98/E/1, Opp Aparna Sarovar, Nallagandla, 
Phone: 090329 18223
Email: extramile.contact@gmail.com


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