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Our new approach to teaching using MI Curriculum provides a planned cycle of experiences and opportunities which foster each and every intelligence, and by making these opportunities available to every child in classrooms.
 MI curriculum honours and promotes the development of all seven avenues of intelligence in young children. 
This approach provides a framework
• to identify how children learn; to build on their strongest assets; 
• to help them become more intelligent by exposing them to a variety of ways of learning;
• to better individualize for their interests and needs; and
• to use teaching strategies that make learning more efficient, successful, and enjoyable for all children. 
MI Curriculum will help us foster meaningful learning experiences by using multiple teaching tools and strategies and by building positive, supportive relationships with children. 
This curriculum will provide environments that offer a variety of stimulating, hands-on materials that children individually select, and enable this learning centres to provide natural opportunities to move, be active, and fully engaged in either solo or small group experiences which will better serve and meet the needs of more children.

Contact Us

Address: HIG 98/E/1, Opp Aparna Sarovar, Nallagandla, 
Phone: 090329 18223
Email: extramile.contact@gmail.com


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