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Teacher-Parent-Student engagement



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Teacher-Parent-Student engagement


ExtraMile recognizes that both parents and teachers play an important role in children’s learning, development and wellbeing, and that children generally do better when there are positive connections between the different spaces they learn in. A key aspect of parental engagement involves family-school partnerships. Family-school partnerships involve the ways families and schools work together to support children’s academic achievement. This includes connecting what children are learning at school with how they learn at home; helping families to respond early to children’s learning challenges; and extending children’s learning around the things they are passionate about.

ExtraMile is a new emerging preschool demonstrating high potential to quickly adopt and integrate 21st century ECCE best practices.


Below are our approaches on building this partnership stronger.

>        Using a software that allows the teaching staff and parents to interact in a digital manner.

>         Invite parents to present talks and/or demonstrations about their specialized knowledge or skills.

>         Parent newsletters

>         Workshops for parents

>        Initiating classroom learning activities which involve parents

>        Parent-teacher conferences

Contact Us

Address: HIG 98/E/1, Opp Aparna Sarovar, Nallagandla, 
Phone: 090329 18223
Email: extramile.contact@gmail.com


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